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In our office you can count on professionals who, through the preparation of your tax filings, will obtain the greatest tax advantages for your company. Our main goal is that you can dedicate yourself to your business without worrying about the obligation to meet your tax commitments.

Vicente & Matanza Abogados-Asesores after a thorough and conscientious study of your business model will work to present you with the most efficient alternative to minimize the amount of taxes to be paid.

Offered at very competitive prices, among others, are the following services:

  • Personalized advice to legal entities (Corporations, Foundations, Associations, etc.)
  • General tax advice and management: IVA, Corporations, Withholdings/IRPF, Activities, etc.
  • Preparation and filing of taxes (IVA, Withholdings/IRPF, Corporate tax, etc.)
  • Preparation of tax registry books
  • Tax Inspections and Claims before Administrative Bodies
  • Payment in Instalments and Deferments of Payments
  • Tax and Estate Planning
  • Settlement of Inheritance / Family business Tax
  • Appearances before the Tax Administration
  • Defense before the Tax Administration through Tax Inspections Assistance
  • Appeals and complaints
  • Requests for Return of Undue Charges
  • Income Tax Returns

Vicente & Matanza Abogados-Asesores:

Ask us your questions. Qualification, dedication and transparency. We work at your side. We watch over your interests.

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