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Vicente & Matanza Abogados-Asesores addresses the criminal responsibility of legal persons and prevention of crime in the company, giving space to the new figure of the Compliance Officer or Legal Controller.

The creation of this figure aims to respond to the need for implementation of preventive measures for the fight against economic crime, corruption and corporate fraud.

Our firm offers highly qualified professionals to confront this task with the greatest effectiveness and the required rigor.

We offer you quality advice that allows and guarantees the implementation of control methods within your own company.

As a main objective, the Criminal Compliance programs must make the companies themselves assume a fundamental role in the fight against fraud and the prevention of corporate crimes.

The Compliance figure must act as responsible for compliance with all these preventive obligations, as well as incentivize organizational and management models within the company in a way that allows the detection, prevention and punishment of criminal behavior.

Our professionals will facilitate the following tasks within your company:

  • Criminal Compliance. Assistance in the development, implementation and validation of comprehensive crime prevention systems (CCPS).
  • Ethical-social Compliance.
  • Corporate governance Compliance.
  • Legal Compliance (prevention of occupational risks, data protection, money laundering, anti-trust …),
  • Financial Compliance.
  • Review of already implemented compliance models.
  • Adaptation of international models to the requirements of national legislation and vice versa.
  • Definition of the competencies and composition of the company’s internal control body (Compliance Officer).
  • Assistance to the Compliance Officer in the work of continuous review of the effectiveness of the Compliance systems, for its constant updating and adaptation to the company’s circumstances.
  • In-Company Training.
  • Corporate defense: legal assistance in processes that can be initiated.

Vicente & Matanza Abogados-Asesores offers your company an effective and rigorous Compliance service in the implementation of criminal risk control systems and the prevention of the commission of crimes within the company.

Vicente & Matanza Abogados-Asesores:

Effectiveness in the regulatory compliance of your company.

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