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Vicente & Matanza Abogados-Asesores, within the scope of Corporate Law, has specialists in the field of Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A).

If your company finds itself at this juncture, we recommend that you go to a specialised professional who conducts a comprehensive and personalized review of the situation of your company and that of the candidates for a merger, to ensure the smooth progress of the process.

Our professionals will advise you throughout the process in aspects such as:

  • Acquisition Funding / Financial Assistance
  • Competition Law
  • Purchase-Sale Due Diligence
  • Debt
  • Advice for the Drafting and Negotiation of Purchase Agreements
  • Transfers of Assets / Liabilities
  • Assignments of Assets / Liabilities
  • Increase of capital
  • Alterations to Company Type
  • Mergers of National / International Companies
  • Divisions / Segregations
  • Takeover bids / Sale / Subscription Offers
  • Debt Refinancing / Restructuring Operations

Vicente & Matanza Abogados-Asesores:

Specialised in (M&A). Consult Us. We are experts

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