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Vicente & Matanza Abogados-Asesores offers its legal counselling services with the clear objective of defending your company’s interests. In this regard, our team of professionals will take the necessary steps to ensure aspects such as the management of unpaid debts, administrative claims, the incorporation, merger or dissolution of companies, etc.

In our office you will find all the advantages of having a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals, who in line with the labor, tax and accounting advice, can offer a quality integral service. Our consultants have the training you require to ensure the best legal strategy for your company.

Vicente & Matanza Abogados-Asesores:

Efficiency and quality in all our services.

Among our services, we can offer you the following:

  • Incorporation of companies and all types of business and legal structures: Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Company, New Enterprise Limited Company, Worker-Owned Company, JV’s, etc.
  • Drafting / Modification of all types of commercial / civil contracts: Purchase / Agency / Leasing / etc.
  • Business restructuring: (M & A) / divisions / winding-up / etc.
  • Corporate Changes
  • Formalization of deposits / registration of annual accounts
  • Appointment / removal of managers/ directors / auditors, etc.
  • Account Receivables/Debt Management
  • Compliance Services / Legal Oversight
  • Setting up of companies outside of Spain / international contracting
  • Setting up of foreign companies in Spain
  • Data Protection (LOPD)
  • Registration / Protection of Trademarks / Patents / Domains / etc.
  • Legal assistance: Regulatory Requirements / financial crimes / etc.

Vicente & Matanza Abogados-Asesores:

Comprehensive quality protection for your company. Contact our firm.

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